was born in 1947, December the 5th , and play the rhytmguitar in the group.

He also sings lead og backingvocal. He is a composer, and is responsible for many of the groups songs.

The latest years, Finn has released 5 records (albums and singles). They are released under FPBand, and you can visit the site, an listet to the music bt clikking here.

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ZAKS og Finn these days. Finn i rullestol. 

Finn played on a semiacoustic Burns Vibraslim guitar, connected to an amplyfier called Max Forty. 

Svein "Løva" Andresen


Svein plays the bass in ZAKS

and he is born 11.12.1949


He also sings lead vocal and backing vocal. Svein is also a composer. When it's nesessary he plays the rhytmguitar


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Ronald  these days. Together with Yngve Antonesen, the ultimate fan.

Above: Ronald in Vardø 1966 Øverst: Ronald in Frognerparken, and Lover right: Ronald with his guitar.


Svein these days


Utstyr: Ronald brukte en amrikansk Fender Stratokaster tilkoblet en Selmer forsteker (??w). Sangmikrofonen var av typen Shure SM58.




Ronald plays the sologuitar in ZAKS, and is born 04.02.1948. He also plays the rhytmguitar, and is a singer and a composer.

Ronald has been an importent part of most conserts in Vardø, and bacause of this he has been "forced" to learn other instruments, as he was presented for them. He is playing multiple instruments.


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 Who plays what in ZAKS


was born in 1947, February the 26th , and is the oldest member of the group. Bjørnar plays the drums. 

Bjørnar is also a singer, and sings lead vocal as well as background. He is not a stranger to the Rythmguitar either. Bjørnar is a songwriter, and has written many of the songs released by ZAKS

You can enter Bjørnar's homepages by clicking here  


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Utstyr: Bjørnatand) Hi


UTSTYR: Bjørnar used a Sonor drumkit with Bassdrum, Snare, 3 tam-tams (one with floor stand) Hihat, ride and crash cymbals. He's microphone was a Shure SM58.

Bjørnar these days . As host at Radio Domen